Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why have I not posted anything for the past two weeks

To be very honest, I was new to a 24x7 internet connection, and the first time I got connected I felt the urge to always be online.  I have to carry with me everyday my office laptop so I can blog at home.  I had to sleep once I arrive from the office so I can have time online afterwards.  In two weeks time, I had the littlest sleep ever.  My body was giving up.  I had to regulate my time online, and the only best way to do it, was to leave my computer in the office during weekdays.

Now I realize, blogging everyday is not for me.  It's exhausting to pressure yourself to create a post everyday.  It was no longer fun.  Blogging is supposed to be a surplus of your real life experience and not a re-post from online sources.  I changed my ways of blogging, and this time, it'll be purely inspirational - I'll write when I feel like it, not when I need to.

Anyway, browse through my other blogs, I have much to say about almost anything I feel strongly about.

How about you?  What keeps you blogging?

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  1. hi jp. welcome to the blogosphere. i'd love to drop by your other blogs, just share the links in your side bar.

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    keep on blogging.