Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to use Keywords for files

Today, I learned about the basics of using effective keywords for SEO.  Multi-media files uploaded on a blog should be file named to make it search-engine friendly.  For example, a jpg picture of an iPad to be posted on should be file named iPadImage or iPadPicture.jpg.  A jpg screenshot of the iPad's specifications can be file named as iPadSpecs.jpg.

Search engines will find it hard to read files in numerics since nobody (atleast) searches for a picture or a video in Google with numeric characters as file name. 

Bottomline, multimedia on blogs should be file named to describe the blog and the file in words that matches its attributes.  Descriptive.  This shouldn't be hard.  Try it.

Observe how you search in Google.  That's how we should filename our uploads soon. 

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