Friday, March 5, 2010

Ideas for Blogs

Mainstream bloggers are almost scientific in their ways, techniques, and approach to blogging.  They search for trends, high value search words, most searched topics, and the likes.  It's actually very good and generates lots of traffic.  I tried it.  But honestly, I am immensely challenged in that area.  I can't just write anything that I don't fancy or feel deeply connected with.  Like a hobby, do something that tickles you and all the good things will flow.  So I did.  As of this writing, I have around 4 blogs and counting.  Each to its own specific topic that I am very much interested in. 

The wealth of information is in the real world.  Not online.  What's online is a residue of what happens in the outside, in the flesh.  I have observed, famous tech blogs like Tech Crunch and Engadget, and the local Yugatech, most (if not all) of their posts are real life encounters.  That I believe adds more value to their content and to their reputation of bringing their wealth of information to everybody.

So start a blog and give it your personality, it should be a reflection of who the author is.

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